Patricia Finn, Attorney P.C.
The Good Health Lawyer


"Our family was very afraid when our religious exemption was first refused by our daughter's school.  I realize now we should have used your services and avoided great hearthache and delay.  Thank you for resolving this problem for us, and yes, we got our exemption after first being declined by the school.  Your professionalism and support meant the world to us.  Thank you. "                                                 

                                                                                                                           V. Mc.,  Parent                                                

"When our staff of nurses were facing the experimental mandatory H1N1 vaccine with no right to refuse and the prospect of losing our jobs, you were the only lawyer brave enough to help  the Nurses of New York State avoid this dangerous vaccine.  What does it tell you when the nurses are refusing the flu vaccine?"

                                                                                                                       A.E., Nurse

" I am a former Army Medic who faced a dishonorable discharge for not injecting my platoon with an experimental vaccine.  Patricia Finn, Esq., represented me in a militiary court marshal proceeding, and the charges against me were dropped and I received an honorable discharge."​

                                                                                                                    S.N., Medic

"I previously vaccinated my children then I experienced an epiphany, an awakening like the alcoholic who embraces the twelve steps and never sips another drop of alcholol again.  When I awoke I realized how very very wrong it was to vaccinate my children, how it violated my sincerely held religious beliefs to vaccinate my children.  I thought that if I simply wrote a letter and explained that I would get an exemption, but I did not.  Ms. Finn got the denial reversed.

                                                                                                                  N.L., Parent