NYS Exemption Law PSA

Type NYS REPEALS PHL 2164 (9) Religious Exemptions.

The residents of the State of New York who oppose vaccinations for religious or medical concerns, will be challenging the implementation of State's repeal of the Religious Exemption yesterday.  I was at the hearings yesterday in Albany, and it was disappointing and down-right frightening to hear so many misguided members of the legislature spew intolerant and untruthful facts about vaccine safety and religious beliefs opposed to the practice of vaccinating, talk about "fake news."  What is worse these are our elected officials who today are mandating vaccinations that have caused countless deaths and injuries. Under the legislation, children will be forced to received up to 69 vaccines in twelve months, I shudder to think of the injuries that this will cause.

Millions of lives have been injured by vaccines, not saved by vaccines.   Rockland was targeted in scheme to roll out a fear campaign about a fake measles epidemic to protect the  licenses for their dangerous vaccines that are under attack in litigations in multiple courts.  More important, the only safety studies on vaccine safety come from pharma, and is unreliable research to prove the MMR vaccine does more good than harm.  In the landmark, vaccine-refusal case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the  Supreme Court ruled vaccines must be necessary, harm avoidant, proportional and nondiscriminatory, which clearly the MMR vaccine is not.  The Supreme Court said there must be "grave danger" that imperils the population warranting the Courts to interfere to protect those effected.

There are multiple lawsuits intended, that will not only challenge the safety of the MMR vaccine, but restrain its distribution  in NYS so scientists may  determine if it is the MMR vaccine itself that is the
cause of the cases of measles being reported by the Health Department.

Please consider assisting in raising money to fight pharma with real science, and give a donation if you can.  Share the link and my attorney page with others.  Facebook is Suppressing my posts so your
help is needed to support this effort. Thank you.

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